Hampshire Cricket Heritage FAQ Sheet

What is the purpose and function of the Hampshire Cricket Heritage Archive Room? 

What is in the Library collection relating to Hampshire Cricket? 

Why is it so important to look after and grow the Library Collection for the stated aims of Hampshire Heritage? 

The Library Collection will be a key part of how we maintain a written record of cricket in Hampshire, as well as how we help to sustain and engender research, meeting the needs of academic communities, constituencies of interest, and of the general public. Some of the contents can be used on specific occasions for exhibitions, events, publications, online engagement, and educational and community resources, in order to support the public understanding of social and sporting history across Hampshire’s communities. 

By making some materials available online at a future date, we can seek to promote the past, present and future value of cricket to Hampshire’s communities, making a wider range of people aware of its potential and importance.The Collection will undoubtedly celebrate the contribution that cricket, the county club and its great players, past and current have made to the identity of Hampshire and some of its contents may serve physically or digitally to support education in schools, colleges and universities through access to or the display of archival items.

What other items of Hampshire memorabilia are stored in the Archive Room? 

What other items are in the Library about other aspects of international and domestic cricket?

Who is responsible for ensuring the Archive Room is properly curated and looked after securely?

The Archive Room is run by the Sub-Committee of Hampshire Cricket Heritage which was established in November 2023 and which meets twice formally each year to review progress and set new targets to improve the use of the room. The current members of that sub-committee are  Dave Allen, Richard Griffiths, Ray Stubbington, Glen Williams and John Winter.