How to Contact Us

If you want to make contact with the team of volunteers working on the project of organising the Archive Room and developing this website for the benefit ultimately of all HCH Supporters, please email us at 

We will use this email address for Supporters Applications, offers of help, donations, questions related to research and any general enquiries about the Hampshire Archive Collection. 

Please always bear in mind that we are volunteers and we may need a fair amount of turn around time to respond to any emails received. Hampshire Cricket Heritage is not intending to take any particular standpoint on any aspect of the Club's History; we are solely there to curate what we hope will become the best collection of Hampshire Cricket ephemera and memorabilia anywhere in the world.

We will also welcome the opportunity to meet you in person in the Club Shop on the four days assigned to the HCH Book Sales (May and August) as well as at our first Archive Room Open Day on Monday 1st July 2024.