Special Hampshire Books

This is the section to learn more about recommended Hampshire related books in tne Archive Room Collection. It is divided into five different categories.

Category One

The Match 

Cricket's Greatest Comeback

by Neil Jenkinson

This book published by JW McKenzie in 1998 is a brilliant account of the most remarkable comeback - by any team in a two innings first class game - to win a cricket match from the most hopeless position.  In June 1922 at Edgbaston, Hampshire were bowled out for 15 by Warwickshire, yet ended up winning by 155 runs. The research undertaken is extremely thorough, each day's play is featured in detail and there are biographies supplied for all 22 players. The photographs include each page of an original scorebook for the game. John Woodcock in the preface writes, "Neil Jenkinson keeps a place in his heart for cricket, especially Hampshire cricket, and this is a book, a vignette, written out of loyalty and devotion and with a curator's sense of history."