HCH About Us

The Home of Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd.

Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd was formed in 2019 to maintain and exhibit a collection of artefacts, ephemera and memorabilia (The ‘Archive’) relating to all aspects of cricket played in and by Hampshire.  Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd has a long-term purpose and holds the Archive in trust for the benefit of the public. The Archive has altruistic objectives: it is for the benefit, enjoyment and engagement of all members of society for study and research, and to generally promote an enjoyment and understanding of cricket and its social, cultural and community impacts.The Archive managed by Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd is very rich in historic material relating to people, places and events from the origins of cricket in Hampshire to the present day.

Hampshire Cricket Heritage is established as a limited by guarantee company with no shareholders and with no Directors benefiting from any profitable trading revenue. HCH has the intention of managing an archive of Hampshire cricket history and delivering educational, social and community benefits, specifically by working in partnership with entities and organisations to protect, maintain, purchase and display artefacts, ephemera and memorabilia. HCH also explores funding opportunities and applications as necessary to meet its aims and objectives. Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd. will seek, when necessary, to procure grants independently or in association with third parties in order to maximise the aims and objectives of Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd.